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BOUTET SINCE 1925 . BOUTET conceives, creates , designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of high performance standard and custom-made handles, directly to industrial customers in more than 65 countries. BOUTET is a unique combination of French design, German engineering and Chinese efficiency. 3 outstanding factories,2.500 employees including 215 engineers in R and D , as well as a department dedicated to the production of prototypes . BOUTET products range from the universal industrial handle to the aeronautics handle in magnesium alloy . A vast standard product line with excellent reliability, efficient design, high material resistance, and exceptional surface quality. BOUTET custom-made products include handles and knobs with special technical features such as high-temperature resistance ( 275° Celsius ) , ultra-light magnesium alloy , nano-thin design( 0.8 gram ) molded silicone and fully transparent polymethacrylate . BOUTET has a top performing sales department , with personnel speaking 6 languages ( English , German , Spanish , Portuguese , French and Chinese ) committed to reply to your quotation in less than 4 hours , confirm your order within 2 hours , ship your order from Paris or Hong Kong within 8 working hours . BOUTET has developed a unique ,'' industry-first'' e-shop in 10 languages with free access to real time dedicated stock levels of finished products and garanteed same-day shipping per UPS :www.e-boutet.com.
About us
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